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Available for Current Residential Customers of
  1. Washington Gas
  2. PEPCO
  3. Delmarva Power
  4. Allegheny Power
  5. Columbia Gas of Virginia
  6. BGE

Energy Choice

In the past, local utility companies were responsible for supplying and delivering natural gas and/or electricity to customers. This meant that you could buy your natural gas and/or electricity only from your local utility company at the price authorized by the state's Public Service Commission (PSC). There were no choices.

Today, natural gas and electricity are deregulated in many states, which means you can now choose to purchase your gas and/or electricity from any energy supplier that is licensed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and registered with your local provider.

We assist our customers in the preparation and negotiation of beneficial electricity supply contracts directly with utility companies. By having assess through Allied Power Services to deregulated energy suppliers, we can help you get the best available deals on gas and electricity.

We are determined to save our customers time and money.

How It Works 

Quick and easy steps to take advantage of deregulated natural gas and electric prices:

  1. Grab your utility bill for account information.
    Tip: Call your utility company if you don't have the bills. Click here for phone numbers.

  2. Click "Start Save Now" button to start enrollment.

  3. Follow 3-Steps enrollment submission process online.

  4. Receive initial enrollment acceptance within 3-5 days.

You have just done what thousands of other have done received the most competitive gas and electricity pricing in your area. 

Remember: There is no fee to sign up and there won't be any interruption on service or billing.


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Residential Pricing

You can benefit from locking in your gas and/or electricity costs at your home. Pricing plans can lower costs and protect you against fluctuation in energy cost.

Depending on who your local utility is and which plan you decide to pick will determine your savings.

If you get service from any of the local providers below you can lower your Gas and/or Electric costs today.

Utility Logos Washington Gas Pepco Delmarva Power Columbia Gas of Virginia Allegheny Power

Tip: Click on provider's logo to learn more about bill and pricing.



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Did You Know?

Gas is a commodity with pricing changing month to month. The best analysis is a historic of pricing over several years

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