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Energy Deregulation  Means Choice

In the past, local utility companies were responsible for supplying and delivering natural gas and/or electricity to customers. This meant that you could buy your natural gas and/or electricity only from your local utility company at the price authorized by the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC). There were no choices.

Today, natural gas and electricity are deregulated in many states, which means you can now choose to purchase your gas and/or electricity from any energy supplier that is licensed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) and registered with your local provider.

By having access through Allied Power Services to competitive energy suppliers, we can help you acquire great prices on gas and electricity.

We are determined to save our customers time and money.

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Did You Know?
Gas is a commodity with pricing changing month to month. The best analysis is a historical of pricing over several years

Business Licenses

MD Electricity IR-1890
MD Gas IR-1891


DC Gas: GA03-3-4
DC Electricity: EA-00-63
MD Gas:IR-324
MD Electricity:IR-277
DE Electricity: 6042
VA Gas: PG-4
PA Electricity: A-110158

Retail Utility Suppliers Face Scrutiny

There is a more even mix of residential and commercial customers choosing between utilities and deregulated suppliers now that the energy markets have largely stabilized. Retail energy companies have, however, come under fire recently for the methods they use to tempt customers to transfer. The general criticism has been that, despite the fact that retail suppliers may offer lower rates to persuade customers to switch to their services, they effectively count on consumers failing to notice when their introductory gas plans & energy prices end. With utility providers like ComEd or Ameren, many people wind up paying more over time.

Check With Your Energy Suppliers Like Comed first

Many energy / electric consumers are unaware that regardless of the energy supplier they select, their utility will always handle the delivery fee. It makes sense to contact your local utility to learn about their rates before going to the store. Every six months, Commonwealth Edison, or ComEd, modifies its energy rates, which are made publicly available for citizens to see. There is never a markup because these rates already include supply and transmission service fees, both of which are non-profitable.

Companies for Energy Deregulation

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Deregulation of Natural Gas & Electric for Commercial

Personalized Service

Regardless of your company size, we provide you with personalized one-on-one service for all your energy & electric needs.

Deregulated Markets

We provide energy services to commercial and industrial customers in major deregulated markets across the US.

Expert Analysis

Energy rates change all the time, just like gas prices. Our experts analyze rates daily and offer you the best options for your business.

Provider Relationships

We work with numerous providers in each market we serve to help you get the best energy / electric rate and terms in the market.

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